Similarities of Islam & Christianity

Christianity and Islam are among the most popular religions in the whole world. With believers coming from all parts of the world, it is important to know the similarities between Islam and Christianity. Here are some of the similarities:


  1. They are both monotheistic religions


Christians and Islam believe that there is only one supreme God who is the creator and sustainer of the universe. They both believe that God is supreme, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and unlimited. According to the two religions. God is eternal and his existence is a necessity and not an option.


  1. Both beliefs in prophets and prophecy


The two religions have a common belief that God sent prophets to deliver the prophecy to His people. Both believe that prophets act as God’s mouthpiece to deliver prophecies to His people in an attempt to make them turn away from their evil ways. Therefore, both religions believe in prophets such as Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist, Nehemiah, Jeremiah among others. In addition, these prophets wrote scriptures in both the Bible and the Quran in both the New and the Old Testaments. Therefore, Muslims and Christians consider the Old and the New Testaments as divine scriptures. 

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  1. Judgement day


The two believe in judgment day i.e. life after death. The two religions believe that there is a resurrection of the dead on the day of judgment and everyone shall be rewarded according to his or her deeds on earth. The judgment day eschatology is well defined and described in their holy books.


  1. Sovereignty of God


It is very clear that there is a supreme being in both religions (Allah in Islam and God in Christianity). These two religions believe that God is all-powerful, creator, sustainer and destroyer of all things on earth. Since God is sovereign, He is eternal and has always been existing (Alpha and Omega meaning the first and the last).


  1. Birth of Jesus


Muslims and Christians believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by Virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit without any sexual relationship. According to the Quran and the Bible, Jesus was born of a virgin through the power of the almighty God. His birth was solely a miracle.


  1. Heaven and Hell


As discussed above, both Christians and Muslims believe in the judgment day. Thus, they also believe in Heaven and Hell. Heaven is regarded as permanent abode of the righteous while hell is considered as the place for evildoers. However, both religions believe in the forgiveness of sins, the second coming of Christ and eternal life and damnations to the righteous and evildoers respectively.


  1. Muslims and Christians believe in Angels


They both believe in the existence of Angels and also in existence of Satan (the evil one). Since Angels are spiritual, they are always ready to deliver the word of God. In fact, Angels were used by God to deliver messages to people. For instance, during the birth of Jesus Christ, an Angel was sent to deliver the good news and direct Joseph. Angels were used both in the New and Old Testaments depending on the reason why they were sent by God.


With all these common beliefs, it is evident that Islam and Christianity share a lot. One of the reasons why these two religions have commonly believed is the use of the Quran and the Bible. Although the two are written in different languages, they are regarded as Holy Books and they are used by both Christians and Muslims.


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